True Balance Within

True Balance Within is a wellness and therapy brand serving in the south of France. We created their website on WordPress platform with a CMS making it easily editable and manageable from the admin side. The website was created essentially to display all their services and contact them for availing any of these services. The website was mainly built for lead generation and to give detailed info about their services to the traffic that was driven by their social accounts. They had a very strong social presence and needed a good looking, responsive and modern web presence as well. We worked on this website for only three weeks and they were more than impressed with our commitment to work. 

This website had a dozen of categories dealing with all age groups and different genders including children. We developed the graphics and content for all the pages and categories. The website also had a Events section which had to be constantly updated as this brand was very popular with the masses and did lots of workshops and live therapy sessions. 

Tools and Technologies used:

  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • GitHub
  • Event Planner Plugin
  • SSL Certificate
  • Apache Server

This website had a very robust site structure and needed a lot of server configurations to accommodate this complexity. We have worked on Apache server side for many years but this was very challenging for us too! In the end, we were successful with launching the website on time and in client’s budget. The design of the website was provided by the client in PSD format which was integrated on the WordPress platform and made mobile responsive.