McAUliffes Craft Shop

McAUliffes is a multi-category brand selling a variety of products ranging from craft supplies, jewellery, books, textiles and even beauty products. They wanted to sell all their products on a robust and stable ecommerce platform, hence we built this store on Shopify. We needed a strong and robust database to sore the kind of inventory they had. The store also gives out gift vouchers for which a custom module was developed. This store is physically present in Donegal, Ireland and all products are hundred percent Irish made. 

The design and layout of this store was developed using Figma. The Shopify store is synced with the physical inventory and all SKUs are automatically updated whenever any sale happens offline or online.

Tools and Technologies used:

  • Shopify
  • MongoDB
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Figma
  • Gift Voucher Module
  • GitHub
  • POS
  • SSL Certificate

This Shopify store has a fast checkout and promotional activities going on every time. There are referral discounts, gift vouchers, festive discounts, special discounts to members etc. All this is easily managed on the Shopify platform. We delivered the site within the specified time and also made the design fully responsive and adaptable with all the browsers.